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  Oct-Dec '18 BBB

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Child & Youth Services Flight

2019 Give Parents a Break Sessions

Next Session: Friday, 11 Jan
(6:30-10:30 pm)

Sign up NLT: Friday, 4 Jan by calling
CDC #3 at 828-0195 or 0196

GPAB Schedule

Click above image for details

Welcome to the

MacDill Parent Advisory Board!

You're already part of our network if you have children
participating at the CDCs, FCC and Youth Programs, to include Sports or Camps and/or SAC.

Call Ms Brittany Jackson, CDC 3 at 828-0214

Like our FB page: MacDill Parent Advisory Board

 School Liaison

Hillsborough County Public Schools

Choice Information

(updated June 2017)


Click above logo to view newsletter by Nelly Richards, MacDill's School Liaison Officer.
Newsletter includes a wealth of information regarding local education policies, public schools choices and much more!

Click here for info on Understanding School Ratings

Call Ms Richards at (813) 828-0146 or DSN 968-0146

Military Parent 101

Education Focus Group!

4th Tue of each month, 10-11 am


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Military Child Education Program

Ensures access to info and provides a communication link for families assigned to MacDill, with school-aged students, in grades kindergarten through high school.


For more info, call the School Liaison Officer,
Nelly Richards, at 828-0146

Sesame Street for Military Families:


Sesame Street for Military Families
offers an initiative for families looking for ways to cope when transitioning from military life
back to civilian life.

Sesame Street for Mil Families: Transitions

Click above image to view Transitions website

Need Child Care? Go online to:


This DoD program makes it easier to find the child and youth care your family needs.

Now military and DoD civilian families can search for child and youth care options through a single website! Using, you can find comprehensive information on child care programs worldwide, conduct a customized search for the care you need, and submit a request for care at ANY time and from ANY location.

PARENTS: You will now be able to sign up in advance for fall, winter & spring breaks,
plus all 10 weeks of summer camp
through this service!

Click here to learn how to set up an account


For more details, email Paula Cox at

Early Learning Coalition:

Click here to go to
Early Learning Coalition Website


Click here to link to the official
Air Force Family Child Care Programs Website