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Support Services


Special Morale and Welfare (SM&W) Expenditures

SM&W funds are Non-appropriated (NAF) dollars that are used to contribute to the overall morale and welfare of the military community. Expenditures must be conservative, be in the best interest of the Air Force, and benefit the military community. Funds may be used to purchase light refreshments, defined as non-alcoholic beverages and finger foods such as desserts and snacks. Heavy hors d'oeuvres and items containing meat are not authorized. Disposable products to serve the food are also authorized. The most common functions supported are: Retirement Ceremonies, Individual Promotion Ceremonies, Commander's Calls and Change of Commands.

For information regarding other functions that may be supported or any other questions, please call 828-6962.

Requests must be submitted at least 5 business days (M-F) prior to the event date, using the below MacDill SM&W Request Form to:

SM&W Requests:

MacDill SM&W Request Form

AFI 34-201 Chapter 12 (SM&W)

SM&W Brochure

Unit Funds Requests:

Unit Funds Request Form

AFI 34-101(MWR Programs & Use Eligibility)


Military & Family Readiness
The Military and Family Readiness Center, located on MacDill, provides valuable information about military life and MacDill Air Force Base.

Customer Service

We can help with ID cards, CAC cards and much more.

Education & Training

Your gateway to all education and training-related information.

Honor Guard

A very elite team and source of pride to the Armed Services. The purpose of the Honor Guard is to provide military funeral honors to all active duty, retired and veteran members.


The Marketing Department provides marketing plans and publicity to increase public awareness of 6FSS programs and activities, and to generate revenue of Non-Appropriated facilities and programs. Marketing produces the Base, Bay & Beyond, procures sponsorship for facility and base-wide events, and is in charge of the administration of this website.

Mortuary Affairs

Responsible for the administration and operation of all activities related to the Mortuary Affairs program. These include: briefing the PADD of mortuary entitlements, search and recovery of remains of personnel from accidents or disasters and much more.

Private Organizations/Fundraising
Private Organizations are self-sustaining, special interest groups set up by people acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the federal government. Various forms relating to establishing and operating private organizations on MacDill AFB can be found on this page.