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Fill out a comment card for the Auto Hobby Shop

Click image to view Virtual Resale Lot

Auto Hobby Shop

DIY Auto Hobby Shop is OPEN!

What we offer...mechanic-1.png
Our Auto Hobby Shop is committed to serving the individual and their vehicles. The shop features sixteen work bays for performing both minor and major automotive repairs. Hydraulic lifts and a variety of computerized equipment are among the many services available.
Our skilled technicians can provide professional guidance should you encounter any difficulties. Providing assistance for the do-it-yourselfer is only part of our guarantee of the best possible vehicle maintenance.

Have Some Old Motor Oil or Antifreeze?

Recycle them at the Auto Hobby Center

for FREE!


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Vehicle Resale Lot

Need somewhere to show off your
old car and get it sold quick?

Our Vehicle Resale Lot is in a prime location, in the BX parking lot, across the road from Burger King. For only $30 you can display your vehicle for 30 days and watch the buyers flock to you! A photo will also be put on our Virtual Resale page at no additional cost.

Let us help you get it SOLD!

To register your vehicle,
visit the Arts & Crafts Center, Bldg 300,
or the Auto Hobby Shop, Bldg 305.
If you have any questions,
call (813) 828-4413.


Check out our Virtual Resale Lot

Facility Information

8223 Hangar Loop Dr, Bldg 305
MacDill AFB, FL  33621


Hours of Operation:
  • Wednesday-Friday
  • Saturday
  • NOTE: The Arts & Crafts Center is closed for inventory the last day of each month. If last day of month falls on a weekend, the center will be closed the Friday before.


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