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The 6th Air Mobility Wing Honor Guard...
A very elite team and source of pride to the Armed Services.

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6th Air Mobility Wing Honor Guard

About Us... 
The Honor Guard is a very elite team and source of pride to the Armed Services. The primary mission of the Honor Guard is to provide military honors to active duty, retiree and veteran members who have served honorably in the United States Air Force. This is a very sensitive mission and requires the most distinctive and dedicated individuals. The Honor Guard also provides support for ceremonies honoring distinguished guests, change of command ceremonies, retreats, color representations and civilian programs in the immediate Tampa Bay area. MacDill Honor Guard performs approximately 1300 details annually. Funeral Honors make up 97% of the details performed. The Honor Guard is a highly visible facet of the military and should be accepted as an honor to be a member.
Area of Responsibility
The 6th Air Mobility Wing Honor Guard is responsible for the largest Area of Responsibility in Florida, covering 19-counties, approximately 61,910 square miles, starting at Lake George, towards the north, and running south, to Key West. The Honor Guard supports joint partners Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard.

Retirement ceremonies are accomplished for Chief Master Sergeants and officers, Colonels and above. Requests for Air Force members below the above listed grades will be performed as manning permits, as the team’s primary mission is the rendering of funeral honors.

Important Forms:

Funeral Honors Request Form

(NOTE: Above form must be FAXed to (813) 828-8507)

If military funeral honors are NOT being requested for honorably discharged United States Air Force members, please call the appropriate Service:

  • Army: Phone: (800) 557-7408 / Fax: (912) 767-6289
    (Honors request for members of Army Air Corps & Army Air Force must be sent to U.S. Army.)
  • Navy: Phone: (904) 542-9807 / Fax: (904) 542-3851
  • Marine: Phone: (866) 826-3628 / Fax: (703) 432-9248
  • Coast Guard: Phone: (786) 367-6822 /
    Fax: (305) 535-4397

Community Colors Request Form

Official Colors Request Form

(NOTE: COLORS requests are considered a secondary function of the Honor Guard, with funeral honors being the primary mission. This includes, but is not limited to, community and official requests for colors presentations, flag folds, memorial services, and/or parades. Please send emails to for such requests.

Facility Information

2410 Florida Keys Ave, Bldg 307
MacDill AFB, FL  33621

813-828-5190 / DSN 968-5190
813-828-8507 / DSN 968-8507
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Hours of Operation:
  • Tue & Thu:
  • Mon, Wed, Fri:
  • Closed Weekends &
    Federal Holidays
  • Emergency Phone:
    For EMERGENCY Funeral Honors requests happening in 24 hours or less
    Note: ONLY for emergency use and NOT for detail confirmation

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